Assessed Value Look-Up

To obtain the 2014-15 roll assessed values for a secured parcel, enter your Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) below.  

Important Note:  The values displayed may change, as the data is updated periodically. 

How Do I find my Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)? 

What do these figures say about my property's assessed value? 
  • The column "This Year's Prop 13 Assessment" is the property's 2014-15 factored Prop 13 value. 
  • The column "This Year's Assessment" represents the assessed values that your 2014-15 tax bill will be based upon.
If the two columns do not match, your property is in a temporarily reduced assessment status known as Prop 8 Decline In Value.
Please Note: The results of some calculations on this page may not be exact due to rounding.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to refine our data application.  Please report any anomalies to  
Direct Levy special assessment amounts shown on your property tax bill are not affected by Prop 8 Decline In Value reductions.  

Property assessed on the Unsecured tax roll:  If you are inquiring about business property, boats or aircraft assessed on the Unsecured roll, please see our Business Personal Property page.

I want to dispute my 2014-15 assessed value
If you believe that "This Year's Assessment" total is higher than your property's market value as of January 1, 2014 there are two ways to dispute the 2014-15 assessed value.
1. Informal review by the Assessor's Office, or
2. Assessment Appeal 
Informal Review
You may request an informal review between July 1 and November 30.*  There is no cost for this service. 
  • E-file your Informal Prop8 Review now. 
  • If you prefer, you can print a Request for Review Form and mail or fax to our office. Review forms are not sent out by mail.
  • If this is a commercial property, you should also submit an Addenda in order to expedite processing. Filing instructions can be found on the form.
    An appraiser will review the assessment and market value of your property, and determine whether it should be reduced. 
  • Due to staffing and workload issues, this may take several months.  You will be notified of the results.
  • If the Assessor's Office determines a reduction is appropriate, then a roll change will be processed.
  • If you disagree with the outcome of the review and the assessment appeal filing period is still open, you may file an assessment appeal.  See below for appeal filing information.
You must still pay any property tax bills timely to avoid penalties, pending outcome of the review.

File an appeal
($30 filing fee)
  • Contact the Assessment Appeals Board at 700 H Street, Room 2450; Sacramento, CA 95814, call (916) 874-8174, or visit their web site at  The specific annual appeal filing period dates are noted on their website.
  • Revenue & Taxation Code Section 1607 provides that, if upon review of the application, the Assessor, the county legal officer and the applicant agree to a reduction in value, then a written stipulation signed by those parties may be filed with the Assessment Appeals Board.  In such cases, the applicant is not required to attend the scheduled hearing or to testify to the property’s value.  At that stipulation hearing, the Assessment Appeals Board may either accept the stipulation and the matter is closed, or they may reject it and schedule a new hearing which the applicant will be required to attend.
You must still pay any property tax bills timely to avoid penalties, pending outcome of the appeal.
*If November 30 falls on a weekend or holiday, mail postmarked on the next business day shall be deemed on time.  See the Assessment Appeals Board website for exact appeal filing period dates for any given year.